Welcoming 2021

In celebration of the New Year and The Mother of Arts, LLC’s half-birthday, we share our journey and hopes for 2021:

Food Secure Vancouver:
The little urban farm has been very productive, feeding our families, friends, and neighbors through the holidays. Sustainable harvesting practices have kept root vegetables growing and thriving through the winter.

Starting late February or early March, we will begin extending the garden and preparing for a fruitful year with a more diverse crop. We are also discussing different properties to transform into farms and where we could put a greenhouse.

Supporting the Houseless:
Simultaneously this project is the one we spend the most time on and the most difficult to measure in terms of success. We consistently change what we are doing based upon expression, and the community’s needs exceed our capabilities.

Our work with other groups has helped tremendously. We’re learning how to swap and acquire more resources to make the most of our supply drops. We’re learning how to involve more Vancouver, WA residents in our efforts. This project is a constant teacher.

Resources for Disadvantaged Families:
We haven’t started this project yet, but it’s in the works. We’ve found someone able to build Giving Cabinets, and we know people are willing to supply them. Our next step is contacting neighborhood associations to see who can have one on their property.

We are also looking into putting on a rummage event to re-home donations that aren’t practical for the houseless community, such as comforters, dress attire and such.

-With Love From The Mother of Arts-
We hope this New Year brings opportunities for us to get better acquainted, as well as new artists, crafters, and products for you to enjoy!

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