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What is The Mother of Arts, LLC?

An art consignment company. Artists and crafters keep 77% from their work, and we get 23% to take some local initiatives. Plant gardens, feed and clothe people. That kind of thing. 

Where do you operate?

At this time, art sales are strictly online, but I am optimistic about our future. As for our other operations, building gardens, passing out supplies and what not, we’re all over Clark County.

How do you connect art and community? 

Creatives shape our world. Who better to work with to shake things up a bit. And honestly, I value my time. I built a company that’s literally just a compilation of my interests and hobbies. 

How did you come up with the idea?

I thought I came up with it watching Portland’s mutual aid efforts over the summer, but I guess it came to me in my sleep back in December 2019. A friend showed me a text I’d sent describing the business model, but I don’t remember writing it. A pandemic isn’t a good time to start a profitable business, but definitely the right time to bring people together and assist others.

What art forms inspire creativity in you the most?

Painting feels like I’m escaping the earthly realm for a little while, then get to come back with new perspectives. Jewelry, wall hangings, wood burning or whatever else I do kind of feels like folding clothes while watching tv. It’s a relaxing way to work, I’m happy with the result, but it’s not rejuvenating.  

What motivates your paintings?

At it’s best, absolutely nothing. My favorite pieces occur from an urge to sit outside and smear colors around. My disappointment is created from some grand idea or vision. Sometimes a painting’s name will reflect how content I am with it, like Trash Bird.

Are there feelings you can only express on canvas? 

I suppose so. I don’t really think about it, but I see it in what turns up. I guess my subconscious presents itself on the canvas after tuning out internal dialogue.

When did you know art was so special to you?

I always knew, and I was always somewhat secretive about it. As a child I felt there were some things you could create around people or show people, and it was okay, and then there were the things you had to hide. I had notepads and scratch paper hidden everywhere. I didn’t start painting till I was 14, but I hid a lot of those too. Society’s Product really disturbed my mom when she found it. I thought she tossed it, but it was returned after I moved out. 

When did you first show your work?

Well, it was a slow process. I set up a table off Alberta for Last Thursday once, then never showed it publicly again till two years ago when a friend encouraged me to put prints up at The Recovery Resource Center in Hazel Dell. People started asking for originals, so I sold a few. Now, here we are. 

What is your favorite creation?

Rooted in Spirit is so special to me. Not only was it the first time I was consulted to paint, but I was also given a chance to hear someone else’s recovery story and was able to symbolize it for them. I will always treasure that experience. 

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