About Us

The Mother of Arts LLC, is a Vancouver, WA company building a creative coalition to generate a stronger, healthier community.

We do this by:

  • Teaming with artists and crafters
  • Partnering with organizations that share our vision
  • Listening to our neighbors needs and working toward solutions
  • Encouraging community involvement

Funding for equitable endeavors comes from:

  • Consignment fees
  • Tangible donations, and access to resources
  • Monetary donations

Notice: As a Limited Liability Company donations are not tax deductible.

Equitable Projects

Food Secure Vancouver

August 2020, someone in downtown Vancouver offered part of their land to grow food for the community. The owners of The Mother of Arts, LLC and Abundant Earth Design and Nursery shared the start-up costs to build a small urban farm. We see this project as a starting point to secure food for low-income families in our area. We’ve been supplying organic foods to families who’ve contacted us, and sharing produce with Angels of God to aid them in their mission to never let anyone go hungry.

Urban Farm Projects Help Everyone by:

  • Granting families access to locally grown, organic food
  • Building community connection
  • Giving opportunities to learn farming and permaculture skills
  • Lowering emissions associated with food transportation
  • Regenerating the earth

Notice: Farm visits must be arranged. Due to Covid-19, we are limiting the number of people who can be on-site. We are complying with social distancing protocols, and visitors must wear face masks.

Supporting the Houseless

In July 2020 we began gathering, bagging, and distributing supplies to houseless camps near our neighborhoods. It honestly took several drop-offs before anyone would engage us and share what would help them the most. These crucial conversations helped us develop new ways of receiving donations, and create long-term goals serving the community.

We now accept used clothing, blankets, camp gear, nonperishable foods, and financial contributions. The “Donate” link on the homepage gives you an opportunity to leave a message stating which cause you are supporting.

Long-term goals:

  • Public toilets to reduce public urination and defecation
  • Public hand washing stations to reduce the spread of disease
  • Garbage services to reduce waste and litter

Resources for Disadvantaged Families

This project has not been started.

We wish to allocate funds toward building neighborhood Giving Cabinets to make giving and receiving household items very easy. Anyone can drop-off, and anyone can pick-up what they need.

We also intend to contact local stores to see if they would be willing to donate diapers, formula, and other miscellaneous products to local organizations helping parents in need.

Please contact Julisse, The Mother of Arts, LLC owner, to get involved!

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